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Who we are – The Company


In Zenia Paradise we are promoters and builders. We strive not only to build your home with the highest qualities, but also to create unique experiences.


Our team is made up of professionals from different fields fully trained, we comply with the highest professional standards.


Our extensive trajectory of more than 10 years as a builder company Obras Lo Capitán , endorses us as a serious and established company, with a long experience behind us as a company with a clear approach and objective: the satisfaction of all our clients.


Oficina Zenia Paradise
Oficina Zenia Paradise
Oficina Zenia Paradise


We like to work with demanding clients, because they know more than anyone to appreciate the quality of our work. We love to create welcoming spaces, innovative environments, unique and original projects.


At Zenia Paradise we are acknowledged for:


  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Guarantee
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness


In Zenia Paradise we offer you the most innovative homes, aiming to transform the property concept into a warm home. To this end, we combine energy and progress together, always with the máximum enthusiasm and with a clear customer orientation.



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