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Obras Locapitan S.L.U., is headquartered in Av. De Orihuela 73, CP 03322 Molins – Orihuela (ALICANTE) and its CIF B54514351

Obras Locapitan S.L.U., may make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates on the information contained on its website, or its configuration or presentation. Works Locapitan S.L.U. makes every effort to ensure that the information provided through its website is clear, understandable and adequate, as well as to avoid errors as far as possible and, where appropriate, repair or update them. However, Obras Locapitan S.L.U., can not guarantee the absence of errors or that the content of the information is permanently updated.

The intellectual property rights of the contents, texts, guides, corporate badges, images, and alters of this website are the property of Obras Locapitan S.L.U. and, where appropriate, of the other entities mentioned in this page, being protected by the Spanish legal system and by the applicable international and Community regulations.

The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, commercialization or transformation of these contents -except in the cases legally permitted for personal and private use- constitute an infringement of the intellectual property rights of Obras Locapitan S.L.U. or whoever owns it.

It is forbidden the reproduction, total or partial, distribution, commercialization or transformation of any of the contents of the website without the prior written authorization of Obras Locapitan S.L.U. The printing and downloading of extracts from the contents of the website of Obras Locapitan S.L.U. only when they are made for personal and private use. Applications for these purposes can be directed to info@zeniparadise.com. To exercise the right of appointment, mention should be made of Obras Locapitan S.L.U. as holder of the extracts of the contents or documents alluded to, as well as the website www.zeniaparadise.com as source of the information when appropriate. In those cases in which the extracts of the contents or documents included in the website are owned by a third party, it should be indicated “© Obras Locapitan S.L.U. as it appears published in the web page of Obras Locapitan S.L.U. In any case, you must inform yourself by email to the address info@zeniparadise.com.

Works Locapitan S.L.U. is not responsible for the possible inappropriate use made by third parties of this Web page, nor for the information transmitted through it to third parties. The contents provided through this web page are purely informative, so the use that these can make of the user and the possible consequences, damages or damages that may arise, are the sole responsibility of the user. Works Locapitan S.L.U. reserves the right to exercise the legal actions it deems appropriate derived from any illicit uses by third parties of the contents of its website.

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